Wifi IR Blaster Hack: Part2

In Part1 of the Wifi IR Blaster Hack article, we learned how to flash the Tasmota firmware to a generic WiFI IR-Blaster, and get to the main Tasmota interface. This article will follow with configuration and usage. Thing’s you’ll need to proceed: WIFI-IR Blaster with Tasmota flashed, powered on, connected to your network Access to … Read more

Wifi-IR Blaster Hack: Part 1

What can you do with a WIFI-IR Blaster? A huge variety of devices use Infrared (IR) remote control; almost every TV, ROKU’s, electric fireplaces, projector screens, portable air-conditioners, etc. This is because IR has been around for a while and is cheap to implement. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a device on your network … Read more

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