Raspberry Pi Pico with Arduino IDE 1.8 or 2.0: fix Failed uploading: uploading error: exit status 1 (Windows)

Surely this will get fixed eventually, but as of the date of this post it’s still an issue and it’s pretty annoying. Yes, you can in fact do the following: Program the Raspi Pico via Arduino 1.8 or the new 2.0 IDE using the Arduino core library (in C, not MicroPython) Upload firmware via Arduino … Read more

Wifi IR Blaster Hack: Part2

In Part1 of the Wifi IR Blaster Hack article, we learned how to flash the Tasmota firmware to a generic WiFI IR-Blaster, and get to the main Tasmota interface. This article will follow with configuration and usage. Thing’s you’ll need to proceed: WIFI-IR Blaster with Tasmota flashed, powered on, connected to your network Access to … Read more

Top 3 Arduino clone brands

Though you can’t go wrong with brand-name, having several Arduino clones in your tool-chest is never a bad idea. Mistakes happen, whether it be soldering, incorrect power being supplied, bending pins, etc. Many times you may need to implement a quick one-off project, and it’s really handy to know you have a couple of these … Read more